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The Airship Dock

Since the giant rigid airships disappeared from the sky, the cultural and technical culture has been lost. The renewed interest for the airships that started in the 1970's produced a mass of archives that are for the most part scattered or not available. The purpose of the "Airship Dock" portal is to bring together these documents in order to recover and pass on the lighter-than-air culture. The "Airship Dock" has been designed to provide a meeting and sharing virtual place to the actors of the community.

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Getting Started

« The Airship Dock » Internet Portal is a knowledge and skills sharing tool opened to everyone within or without the lighter than air community. It gives access to common research and working tools.

The search bar displayed on the homepage of the portal enables users, by entering keywords, to get access to the results of the search.

A directory available from the homepage, is gathering the contact information from the main actors of the community. The access to the directory requires the use of a password than can be provided by contacting the administrators of the portal (contact page).

For further information about the collaborative tool as well as for any question or suggestion, feel free to contact the administrators.


For a more precise search use the multi criteria search tool (click on “advanced search”). Along with the classical fields (title, author, editor (persnames, geonames), period…), others fields, detailed in the following list, have been added.

-          Reference: enter the reference of the document to get a direct access to it.

-          Period: field indicating the period covered by the information contained in the document (example: XXth century).

-          Language: language of the document.

-          Subject 1, 2 and 3: field to target documents by combining subjects (example: propulsion, energy, R&D)

-          Unusual: field indicating whether the information contained in the document is technically sound or not.

-          Lighter-than-air or Heavier-than-air: field to select the type of flying object involved.

-          Parameter: field indicating which parameter of the device is mostly treated (example: lift or control).

-          Mission: field indicating for which mission the device is designed (example: surveillance).

-          Energy: field indicating the energy used by the device or detailed in the document (example: bio fuel).

-          Manned/Unmanned: field to select the documents dealing with manned and unmanned airship.

-          Altitude: field indicating the altitude (by category) mentioned in the document (example: high altitude).

-          With documents: field to select records with or without online document.

-          Classification category: field indicating the domain associated with the document (example:  technology or sociology).

-          Text plain: keywords search like the search bar of the home page.

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